"For when you would rather do it yourself."
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Drive Specification:
External USB 2.0
40Gb Capacity

Software Included

Oracle e-Business Suite R12.0
Oracle Vision Database
Oracle Developer 6i
Oracle Workflow Builder
Oracle SQL Developer
Bourne/Korn Shell Scripting
CYGWIN Installation Files
GNU Make

MS C++ 2005

The "R12 DIY" ...

Since we have been selling our Laptop & Desktop products, we have had numerous emails and calls asking if we can help other people with their installs onto Windows XP. Because of this large number of emails we have decided that the best way to help people (and ourselves!) is to provide all of the software required and a full installation guide, for the R12 e-Business Suite. We have called this product the "R12 DIY", as all you need to do is use a Laptop or Desktop which meets the following specification:

  • Minimum of 2Gb Memory
  • Minimum of 170Gb of free disk space
  • Minimum of Intel Dual-Core CPU

The above are obviously minimum specifications, the better specified the hardware the better performance you will see. if you have any questions on your hardware specifications please email us.

The "R12 DIY" is delivered to you in the format of an external USB 2.0 Hard Drive (40Gb). All you need to do to get started is plug it in, print off the install guide and follow the simple steps.

As the "R12 DIY" is aimed at people who want to have a go themselves, we are also throwing in 1 months support free of charge (through email). This is aimed at getting you started and up and running with your own install as quickly as possible.

As for the price, all we are charging for this service is £250, excluding VAT. I think you will agree that this is very good value for money.

To place an order for your own "R12 DIY " please email us by clicking here.

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